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as for the art and music it self it was beatiful ,so I will rate you on that
but as for the idea you are taling about :
there is a difference betweem the religion and the religious people , the first one in it self ask as to be good persons to believe in one God "as in my case Islam" , but what is the idea of believing in God ?
well knowing that there is one God means that we are all equal for he is only the greatest and we are all his creatures so there is no difference between us , believing in one God will give you relief and confidence that what ever happen in your life he will be always looking after you , you might see something as if it was bad from the first look , but as days come you will figure out that it was for your own good , it is about living in his mercy and kindness
so again religion is a good thing it self , but the believers sometimes give a bad example to people
in Islam we are asked to me merciful we are asked to be help the poor and to spread peace , this is what you could know from reading Quran , all humans are equal , but as what might happen in Christianity and any other religion , some people understand it wrongly or doesn't understand it completely , this is what causes the wars or the killing , when reliouges people doesn't truly believe that what they believe is right they will start to stop any one whom try to question them or their belief ...
so the bottom line is differentiate between religions and its believers <
"and sorry if my English wasn't good"

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